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Welcome to SITE FOR DOG

We are small company, with a lot of working experience on the web, who can make your dog kennel famous at the internet.


Why to make website for your kennel?!
Many people think that in this times when social networks are available, they just do not need to have a website. But this is really big error!First of all, there are so many people outside social network, that you can not even imagine, how you can easily come to new audience for your job. The second, and very important thing, is that website of your kennel, have all necessary data about your dogs at one place. That’s is like you have online catalogue of all your dogs, were will be very easily to find everything what one person wanna know. No matter if search for a puppy or wanna take a look some of your exact dog. So, at the end, we believe that you will share your website link, to potential buyers even trough social networks.

It is too complicated, and will be out of date very quickly?
That is our job, the what makes us different from the others who are doing the same job with websites, it that your webmaster is very well known person in dogs world, breeder, and he will follow you on the social networks and with materials who you upload there, make your website always up the date! There is no better person who can understand what need one website for dog kennel to have, than another breeder!


No one will sit on PC to take a look of websites?
This one is really not true, the one who is search for a puppy, will grab pc and take a look for an offers, but if we can agree that now is time were cell phones are the main gadget for search the web, than you should know that websites that we create are optimized for mobiles and will be very easy to look, search, and navigate trough our creation from mobile!

It is too expensive, I can not afford that!
Actually in not! In this combination of love and work, we can offer you to make your website, and much lover price than our competition, and the explanation is very simple,we love to do that, and will do it with a lot of pleasure!

Main reason?
No matter if you have small kennel or you are already big and famous breeder, it is right time to create something that will be visible with a few clicks from any part of the world. If you just sell only one puppy in a year trough website, your investment will be more than successful!

I had/have, website, but it is not up to date?

Good we can arrange it, but, as we work in modern technologies, probably our proposal will be, to make all down and renew website completely.